Support the show

The best way people can support the podcast is just by listening to the show and recommending it to other people. If you are doing that then you have our eternal gratitude and we really couldn’t ask anything more.

However, if you would like to give us even more support, and maybe even throw a little cash our way, then that would be very welcome as well. The best way to do that is head over to our PodPledge page and donate to the show.

Here’s a video to tell you all about it.  Sort of.

Any money raised will go back into the podcast – either directly by meeting equipment and editing costs, or indirectly by helping us to all get together face to face at various conventions in order to strengthen our bond and maybe do a live show or two.  Find more details over on our PodPledge page.


Here is a list of all the people who have very kindly supported the show via podpledge.  We are incredibly grateful to each and every one of them.

Liz Howald
Stephen Jednak
Dick Rensema
David Chaffin
Brian Brian
Keith Brandsma
Pete Neale
Robert Burg
Steven Wilson
Matthew Covington
Marco Boschetto
Raine Mikkola
Joseph S.Lee
Joe Shajrawi
Saul Strauss
Mark Cruzan-Rea
Max Davie
James Johnson
Patrick Pilot
Ulf Persson
Egil Rønningstad
Mike Poole
Daniel Esteban
Emma Blohm
Ray Taylor
Jacob Engelbrecht-Gollander
Trevor Brownell
Colin Chick
Nick Lavely
Niranjan Balachandran
Autumn Perkins
Get Rees
Daniel Cooper
Jonathan Howe
I Williams
Stuart Platt
Karthik Setty
Jason Walker
Jason Cookingham
Serena Cooley
Boris Scheiter
Jan Zakrzewski
Jonathan Humphries
J Rodriguez
Russell Wheeler
Jared Rutledge
Brandan Haines
Matt Leveque
Scott Geisler
Sarah Hughes
Alex Barbour
China Tremblay
Jurica Hladek
Eric Francis
Paul Langlois
Andrew Miller
Krista Knudsen
Noah Bast
Nicholas Skeen
Marylou Holly
Kristian Taylor
Lane Mattox
Philip Joyce
Anthony Bain
Giles Bullen
Hammond Buckland
Julien Grenier
Chad McCallum
Michael Noa
Suzanna Vasquez

Ryan Tracy
Julien Kloetzer
Tom Brown
Klaas Kaptijn
Joel Berg von Linde
Matthew Williams
Aigars Grenins
Stephen Arnold
Zach Pasqualetto
Marcus Brissman
Robert Compton
Andrew Plassard
Cash Liam
Tracy Troutman
Brandon Cunningham
Tony Makos
Krista Stoddard
Joy Gee
Tim Lemon
Jonathan Detmer
Jen Overton
Matthew Moos
Dennis Luk
Ryan Tykwinski
Dave Brajcki
Eric Bettan
Mike Dilisio
John McDonnell
Sheryl Olszewski
Lucie Wheasler
Chaz Marler
Gordon Spates
Kevin Trippel
David Hamilton
Troy Eisenberger
Michael Fischer
Martin Wolverson
Chris Gibbs
Ruth Cooper-Jones
Chris Cork
Simon Lawrence
Johann Knoetze
Peter Taylor
Charlotte Malone
Michael Russo
Flavien Loisier
Michael Olszewski
Ruud Hermans
Jeff Dessert
Ty Voyce
Paul McGowan
Andrew Loch
Charles Pearson
Christophe Russell
Jan Felix Trettow
Luke O’Rafferty
Stacey Ho
Robert Jimenez
Stephen Wills
Sharon Connelly
Jane Hermiston
Britt Hansen
Sabrina Rongen
Carl Duesler
Chris McKenney
Scott Vetter